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Unnamed parents


Cory Matthews(crush;kissed)


New York City


Employee of Mount Sun Ski Lodge

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Heartbreak Cory

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Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)
Honesty Night (in flashback)
The Psychotic Episode (in a dream)


Linda Cardellini

Lauren is a girl who met Cory during a ski trip. She is portrayed by Linda Cardellini.


  • She was born in New York City, but moved to the mountains when she was 13.
  • She worked at the Mount Sun Lodge, a ski lodge in the mountains.
  • She has a son named Evan, who also works at the Mount Sun Lodge.
  • She was mentioned in the Girl Meets World episodes "Girl Meets Pluto" and "Girl Meets Ski Lodge Parts 1 and 2".

Series Info[]

Heartbreak Cory[]

Lauren met Cory on his ski trip to the mountains with John Adams High. Cory sprained his ankle getting off the bus, and while Shawn, Topanga, and Angela were skiing, she kept him company because she worked at the lodge. They talked all day, working on a puzzle that was missing many pieces. She gave him one to remember the mountain. After both of them played couples games with Topanga, Angela, and Shawn, Cory stayed up all night talking to her without realizing it was suddenly morning. He tried to clarify that he loved Topanga and couldn't be with her, but she was still interested. She kissed him. As Cory left, she gave him a letter telling of her feelings. Cory lost it, and Topanga found it.

Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)[]

Later on, she comes to Philadelphia to ask Cory what the deal is, because he never responded to her letter. It was poor timing, and Shawn was in the midst of reuniting Cory and Topanga, because they were separated since the ski trip. Lauren told Cory to date her to see how he feels, and he did. On their date, Cory and Lauren had a good time. They talked about what they wanted in a family as adults, and then it began to rain. Cory rushed for cover, but Lauren stayed out in the rain. To cover Cory, she shoved his head in her jacket. After their date, Cory realized that he needed Topanga, not Lauren, and their relationship was over.

Honesty Night[]

Lauren only appeared in a flashback in Honesty Night, as a recap of previous episodes.

The Psychotic Episode[]

Once in college, Cory began to have nightmares about killing all of his friends. Ultimately, he saw Lauren in his dream. She told him she was scared and then willingly fell down an elevator shaft, claiming she represented everything and everyone he was giving up due to his engagement to Topanga. Shortly thereafter, Topanga appeared in a wedding dress. Cory saw Lauren because he was nervous about his engagement with Topanga.


  • She worked at Mount Sun Lodge
  • She fell in love with Cory
  • Lauren was the cause of one of Cory and Topanga's breakups
  • Shawn calls her "Yoko".
  • Lauren is mentioned in the Girl Meets World episodes, Girl Meets Pluto, and Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)
  • In the Girl Meets World episode, "Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)", it is revealed that Lauren has a son named Evan, who himself works at Mount Sun Lodge.