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Learning to Fly
Season 4, Episode 22
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Jeffrey C. Sherman


April 25, 1997

Episode Chronology

Cult Fiction




Cory, Eric, and Shawn are all very excited about their trip to Beach State. They are going with Topanga to enjoy the beach and visit one of the better party schools in the region. But when Topanga bails on Cory, blaming her Aunt Pru, Cory is very disappointed. He goes anyway, but is upset because he was looking forward to being alone with Topanga. Before going, Mr. Feeny strongly suggests that Eric should look into better quality schools, such as Pennbrook, but Eric says Beach State seems more like a sure thing.

At the college, Cory, Eric, and Shawn were staying with Julie, an old friend of Eric's. But the sorority house mom, Mrs. Blutemann, doesn't allow boys. Eric sneaks out with Julie, leaving Cory and Shawn alone and trapped. When Mary Beth shows up, very sad because her boyfriend just dumped her, she is immediately attracted to Cory and kicks Shawn out. Cory tries to resist Mary Beth's advances and ends up calling Topanga to stop her. He learns that Topanga lied to him and grows upset. Cory continues to resist Mary Beth's advances until Eric comes back and lectures Cory about how the easy thing to do isn't always the right thing to do. Cory points out that that is exactly what Eric is doing at Beach State and together, they leave.

Back at home, Eric goes to meet with Dean Bolander about his interview, which he had stood up earlier because he was afraid. Although she is resistant, Eric is determined to get his say, impressing the Dean. When his college letter finally arrives, he is accepted.


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  • When Cory tells Mary Beth he has a girlfriend named Topanga, she laughs and says it "sounds like a freeway exit." There is an actual freeway exit with this name.
  • When Eric is arguing with Dean Bolander, for a split second a boom mic can be seen when Eric stands up.