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This is a list of references to Boy Meets World that have been made in outside sources.



Phreak says to Joey "Boy meets world. Let's go?" outside Cyberdelia.

TV Shows[]

American Dad![]

In the pilot episode, Francine mentions her old teacher "Mr. Feeny".

Family Guy[]

In the tenth episode of the sixth season, "Play It Again, Brain", Boy Meets World is mentioned by Herbert.

The Simpsons[]

In the seventh episode of the sixteenth season, "Mommie Beerist", the show is mentioned by name.

Veronica Mars[]

In the tenth episode of the first season, "An Echolls Family Christmas", it is said that Harvey Greenblatt, Aaron Echoll's agent, had a day player on Boy Meets World as his biggest client before he met Aaron.

Ginny and Georgia[]

in the “Pilot” episode, Georgia was yelling and Ginny when she told her ‘you're gonna throw it all away on the first jerkoff Shawn Hunter wannabe.’