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Lonnie Boden
Episodes Janitor Dad, Easy Street, Chick Like Me
Name Lonnie Boden
Role Alan's Employee
Portrayed by Jen Campbell

Loni Boden was an attractive woman that came to work at Alan Matthews's store after Ezekial, her uncle, left to care for his mother, Loni's grandmother. Ezekial told Alan that Loni was raised with 11 brothers, 9 male cousins, and a pack of bloodhound dogs, commenting that she turned out "all boy". Eric Matthews was immediately very attracted to her, and tried to hit on her, but she treated him in a rough, playful demeanor.

That Christmas, Loni was spending Christmas alone, and reminisced about past times with her family to Eric, causing her to become upset due to the fact that she misses them. Loni stated that there was no way for her to be with them that Christmas, but Eric offered to drive her 500 miles to see her family, and she embraced him excitedly.

While in the car on the way to Loni's family, a blizzard hit Eric and Loni, trapping them in the car under four feet of snow. Eric hurt his head trying to make his way out of the car, and Loni had to drag a loopy Eric back to his home. She revealed to Eric's parents that they never made it to her folks' house, and a plow had to dig them out from under the snow. After Eric's parent left the rooom, Loni told Eric that while he was unconcious, she stripped them of their clothes and huddled together under a blanket, while naked, to stay warm. Eric began to cry upon hearing that he missed seeing her naked. However, she revealed to him that she made the entire story up.

When a customer tried to ask her out, Loni suggested that she would cook him dinner and then they could go "eel grabbin'", which scared him off. This caused her to question why she was always scaring city men off, telling Eric that she had no problem dating boys back home. Eric got her to realize that her behavior was scaring off the city men, and she decided to practice on him. Eric and Loni worked on her social skills with boys, such as rehearsing how she would approach a man in a club, but they realize that friendliness is different between men and women.