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"Crazy Luther" Montolfo
Episodes What a Drag!
Name Luther Montolfo
Role A thug that threatens Jack and Eric
Portrayed by Andrew Levitas

Luther Montolfo, more commonly known as "Crazy Luther," is a thug who is a student at Pennbrook University. He attempts to throw an illegal rave at the student union, but Eric and Jack call the police before he can, and he is consequently released because he didn't actually do anything. He swears revenge on Jack and Eric, but decides to let them wait in fear for a little while.

Crazy Luther is attracted to Lala Nelson, who is really Jack dressed in drag to hide from Luther. He buys Lala shoes and expects her to put out, but is angered when she does not. Seeing this, Jack takes advantage of the situation and takes compromising photos of Luther to prevent him from getting Jack and Eric.


  • Erica Montolfo is a writer for the show.
  • Crazy Luther is noted for chewing off his own brother's fingers.
  • Luther Montolfo is often confused with another Crazy Luther, who is a local stereo salesman noted for selling stereo products at "low, low prices!"