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Madame Ouspenskaya Was a crazy ex-fortune teller who works in the back room of her nephew Frank's yogurt shop. She convinced Cory that he was becoming a werewolf, even though she initially thought that he was Billy Joel. She predicted that Cory would have an appetite for things he'd never had before, that the pentagram (sign of the devil) would appear in his hand, and that Cory would kill then one girl who truly cared for him.

Later on, she advises Cory that the only way to avoid the curse of the wolf was to be shot in the heart with a silver bullet by one who loves him. Because Cory didn't have any bullets or guns, he asks Alan to throw a silver picture frame at his chest "really, really hard."


  • She was licensed by the state.
  • She mixed up vampires with werewolves.
    • Apparently, she thinks the cure for vampirism is to wear a garlic necklace and get back in one's coffin.
  • She is a smoker.


  • She is named after (Madam) Maria Ouspenskaya, who played the fortune teller in the movie The Wolf Man. Madam Ouspenskaya was a respected Russian theater actress prior to being a film actress.