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Melanie Clifton
Episodes New Friends and Old
Name Melanie Clifton
Role An ex-girlfriend from Mr. Turner's past
Portrayed by Eliza Coyle

Melanie Clifton was an ex-girlfriend from Jonathan Turner's rich, Connecticut past. They were together in high school, but when Turner left his rich future to teach she dumped him. Mr. Turner theorizes that she got upset with his decision because she was a rich daddy's girl who thinks that money is more important than anything.

Melanie showed up at Turner's apartment in New Friends and Old. She was not wearing fur and she did not condescend to Mr. Turner, as he had guessed. She was dressed like a regular person, and she acted like one as well. Over dinner, she told him that she was upset that he had left because she knew she would have to do the same thing. Now, she owns a small book store. She still drives a Beemer, even though she is no longer exceedingly wealthy.

Mr. Turner learned a lesson from his ordeal with Melanie. He learned that he was so hung up on his first impression of her, that he was completely unopen to the idea that she could change. Shawn, seeing thing, tries to make a friendship with Frankie Stecchino.