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Mr. Fontaine
Episodes Easy Street
Name Mr. Fontaine
Role A mafioso that tricks Cory and Shawn
Portrayed by Buddy Hackett

Mr. Fontaine works in the mafia with his old friend, Mr. Martini. Together, they operate out of Sam's Pub, but there is never any other business and neither of them seem to worry about what Sam thinks.

Even though they're in the mafia, they're never violent or mean to either Cory or Shawn. They complement Cory's cappuchino and respectfully allow him to quit when he wants to. Even so, they do influence the boys with pressure.

On Christmas Eve, Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Martini ask Shawn to wait at corner in front of a warehouse, deliver a box, recieve an envelope, then return it to them for $200. Shawn initially agrees to do this, but Cory convinces him to stop and go home and presumably take the box with him and give it to the police so they can arrest arrest Fontaine and Martini for smuggling drugs since it was clearly what they were doing.


Mr. Fontaine is never wrong about mailbox placement. However this is clearly because he arranged for them because the letters Had smuggling shipment dates in them.