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My Baby Valentine
Season 6, Episode 16
My Baby Valentine - St. Vincent's Hospital
Production Information

David Kendall


Lara Olsen and Patti Carr


February 12, 1999

Episode Chronology

Road Trip




Cory is very excited that Valentine's Day is coming up, and he wants to make it perfect because the previous Valentine Day didn't go so well. Although Topanga has a similar interest, she notices that Amy, over 7 months pregnant, is very unhappy. To make her feel better, she decides to throw her a baby shower. This infuriates Cory because he wants to spend the day with Topanga. He decides that he'll take care of the baby shower, even though he admits to Eric that he knows absolutely nothing about them. It shows. The shower goes horribly wrong, especially because he hires a stripper, which cause the shower to end abruptly.

At the apartment, all of the men congregate, planning to play a game of cards together. Mr. Feeny is acting weird because he is lovestruck. Cory continues to complain about his ruined Valentine's Day with Topanga, but Alan explains that, even though he's in a relationship, other important things still occur outside of it. Back at the house, Angela, Rachel, Topanga, and Morgan attempt to throw a makeshift shower for Amy. It is going pretty well, and Amy seems to be cheering up. Morgan reveals that she's upset that she's no longer the baby of the family anymore, but Amy promises her that the two will be inseparable until the baby is born. Right on cue, Amy's water breaks.

Suddenly, Alan receives a call from Topanga: Amy's water just broke. They all rush to the hospital. Cory is still pestering Topanga about the shambles of his plans, but Topanga insists that there are more important things. Amy delivers the baby well, it is a C-section because it is very premature. Alan holds the baby for only a few moments before it is rushed off to the ICU. Amy is terrified, demanding that Alan get the baby and bring him back. He seeks the doctor, who tells Alan that the baby has an infection in its lungs and it needs to be taken care of. Alan carefully breaks the news, and suddenly Cory's problems don't seem so important.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rachel try to decide how to tell Eric that they've decided to be a couple. Eric beats them to it, though, telling him that he knows they're in love and that he plans to move out. Jack and Rachel tell him that they'd like him to stay, but Eric insists that he should leave.