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Philip Mack
Episodes Cult Fiction
Name Philip Mack
Role Leader of the cult Shawn joined
Portrayed by Jerry Levine

Philip Mack was the leader of the Centre, a cult that Shawn Hunter had joined on the episode Cult Fiction. He used manipulative tactics to get lost teenagers to join his cult. He had an ongoing dispute with George Feeny, who did not agree with Mack's tactics and tried to shut down the Centre.


  • Brainwashing - Philip created the Cult as a method of gaining control over the hearts and minds of young people who actually join his cult.
  • Manipulation - Philip comes off as a Christ-like peaceful, influential and generous mentor, but in reality he is a psychological enslaver who is crafty, clever and cunning as Satan. Alan Matthews once threatened to kill Mr. Mack at the hospital, noting that he's not one of Mack's "gullible little kids." However, Amy points out that Mack would love a lawsuit, at which point Alan opts not to murder the cult leader.
  • Subliminal messaging - One of Philip's psychological methods is to say the recruit's name more than once while negotiating with them.