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Shawn: Hey, Cory, check it out. It’s next week’s lesson plans.
Cory: We can’t look at that!
Shawn: Yeah, well, I already saw.
Cory: Then let me see! "Tuesday, pop quiz, chaps eight, ten to sixteen."
Shawn: Darn, it’s in code.
Cory: Wow! I can’t believe this! This is top-secret information. Exactly when the pop quiz is and what’s on it.
Shawn: This is very valuable.

Pop Quiz
Season 2, Episode 20
Production Information

David Trainer


Eric Brand
Kevin Kelton
Robert Kurtz


March 10, 1995

Episode Chronology

Wrong Side of the Tracks


The Thrilla' in Phila

"Pop Quiz" is the twentieth episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 42nd episode overall. It first aired on March 10, 1995. The episode was written by Eric Brand, Kevin Kelton & Robert Kurtz and was directed by David Trainer.


Cory and Shawn both fail a test in Mr. Turner's class. He confides in them that he really wants them to succeed, and that they must study and complete their assignments. After they are late in handing in a book report, he allows them to drop off their assignments at his apartment over the weekend. While there, the boys inadvertently discover that Mr. Turner has scheduled a pop quiz for the next day in class. Little did Cory and Shawn know that this was no accident. Their teacher intentionally left out his lesson plans for them to read.

Meanwhile, with Harley gone, Frankie and Joey look for a new leader. They first began following Eric.


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