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Quiz Show
Season 4, Episode 19
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Steve Hibbert


March 21, 1997

Episode Chronology

Uncle Daddy


Security Guy


When the bus breaks down that was carrying John Adams High contestants to the "High School Quiz Show," Cory and Shawn are forced to fill in and compete with Topanga. Unfortunately for Feeny, the show is for really smart kids, and Cory and Shawn cannot really compete, even though they are entertaining to watch. But Susan Kalliback, the show's producer, has an idea: what if they dumb down the questions to retain Cory and Shawn? In the second round, Shawn and Cory easily answer a question about X-Men that no one else can, driving the crowd wild. From there, the show only degenerates.

Eventually, the show effects Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's school work. They begin to get so involved in the show that they neglect their studies. Feeny is so upset about it that he gives the entire classroom a stern lecture and walks out on them. This move Cory, Shawn, and Topanga, so when they are asked to miss six weeks of school to go on tour, they decline. Determined to maintain the show's ratings, Susan Kalliback finds three replacement contestants and finally asks Shawn a question about Johannes Gutenberg and the printing press that Feeny had been trying to teach, Shawn knows the answers, but chooses to say he doesnt know and shine a light on how they thought he was "just good looking and fun to watch", leading them to be eliminated.

The next day, the three arrive early to Feeny's class, eager to learn from Mr. Feeny.


Guest Cast[]