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Rachel McGuire
Rachel S07 promo pic
First appearance His Answer
Final appearance Brave New World
Name Rachel Kimberly McGuire
Role Student and Resident Advisor at Pennbrook University
Roommate of Eric, Jack, Topanga and Angela
Final Status Joined the Peace Corps
Portrayed by Maitland Ward

Rachel Kimberly McGuire became Jack and Eric's new roommate at the start of season 6 after she broke up with her boyfriend. The boys began to compete for the right to date her, but later realized that their friendship might be too important. Rachel became good friends with Angela and Topanga and was one of the bridesmaids for Cory and Topanga's wedding.


Series Info[]

  • Moved in with Eric and Jack who, unbeknownst to her, began competing for her affections.
  • Rachel began dating Jack during his emotional breakdown following his father's death, but later broke up with him when Eric told her of their initial competition.
  • Believed she caused Chet's death, as she gave him a slice of her homemade cake right before he had a heart attack. Eric then referred to the cake as 'The Cake of Death'
  • Rachel is the tallest of the group (Maitland Ward is 5'10"), and reveals in She's Having My Baby Back Ribs that she is self-conscious about her height.
  • Topanga and Angela became her roommates when they moved into the apartment, displacing Jack and Eric.
  • Gave the apartment back to Eric and Jack, as she and Angela moved into a dorm, where Rachel became the RA.
  • Faced a crisis where she felt like an outsider in The War & Seven the Hard Way.
    • Walked out of the room, but Eric went and retrieved her.
  • Joined the Peace Corps with Jack following their graduation.
  • Once had a stuffed rabbit named Bunny Baby but was shredded to pieces when a young Rachael slips the wrong switch in the kitchen to see its "bunny hole" instead made it start spinning and leaving only chunks and fabric.
  • Rachel never made an appearance on the sequel series Girl Meets World, but she is mentioned by Eric and Jack in the season 2 episode "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", in which it is revealed that while she has remained close friends with Eric, she lost touch with Jack after he left the Peace Corps. Producer Michael Jacobs mentioned in an interview that he had planned for Rachel to appear in a Season 3 episode, but it never happened.

Alternate Personalities[]

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