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Raging Cory
Season No. 5
Episode No. 12
Original Airdate January 9, 1998
Written by Barbie Feldman
Directed by David Kendall
Guest starring Steve Park as Jump Master


Cory, upset that his father only plays basketball with Eric, freaks out at him and accidentally shoves him over. Although Alan is upset, he sees that Cory has a great point and decides to include Cory in something he and Eric were planning: sky diving. In the plane, Alan and Eric are scared but Cory is eager so he can impress his dad. Cory jumps, but Eric realizes that his relationship with his father is shallow and that they only do buddy-buddy stuff. Eric calls him on it, but Alan jumps out of the plane to avoid the conversation.

The next day, Eric confronts his father on this. Alan is resistant to the idea, and Eric can't seem to get through to him. A conversation with Amy gets the idea through to him: he needs to have a complete relationship with each son, not half. To remedy this, Alan takes Cory and Eric to the art museum. They analyze a piece, where Eric sees two monkeys fighting for one coconut from their father, and one half isn't enough for either son. This surprises Alan because the piece looks like a silver orb between two silver posts, but Cory sees the piece's title: "Monkeys with Coconut." More surprising to Alan, Eric reveals his interest in Ansel Adams, landscape photography, and art as a whole, but Eric adds that he never talked to Alan about it because he didn't think Alan would want to hear it.

Meanwhile, a plumbing issue forces Jack to spend a night in Shawn's room. Shawn's room is a mess, covered in garbage, clothes, and even Shawn's old pig, Little Cory. The two begin to fight because Jack cannot adapt to Shawn's room, but, as they wrestle and fight, they realize they're really upset because they don't really know each other.


Main Cast[]


Craig Conover, the name listed as the artist on the plaque for the statue that Eric analyzes, isn't an artist, but a craft service person for this show as well as Just Shoot Me, Charmed, Arli$$, Judging Amy, and the movie Sorority Boys.

Little Cory returns.


Shawn (to Cory): I can't believe you hit your dad. Now, does he have to leave the house in shame? Do you get his woman?
Eric: I'm volunteering for the witness protection program.
Cory: Eric, you didn't witness any crime.
Eric: I hit my father. I saw the whole thing.
Eric (on the phone): Hello, Philly General? Have any middle aged men been admitted this afternoon with basketball injuries. (pauses) That many, huh?