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Salem Saberhagen
Episodes No Guts, No Cory
Name Salem Saberhagen
Role A warlock trapped in a cat's body.
Portrayed by Nick Bakay

An evil warlock trapped in the form of a black cat, Salem Saberhagaen ran away from Sabrina the Teenage Witch after swallowing a magical orb with the power to transport people to other time periods. While he wandered around John Adams High, Cory accidentally activated the orb while in very close proximity to it, sending everyone to WWII temporally. After they returned to the present, unknowingly, Salem was transported to Paris in a parallel dimension where the people he had just met, existed in a TV show. The cat hitched a plane ride to L.A. seeking people who were "real and down-to-Earth." Sabrina would chase him through this alternate reality of You Wish & Teen Angel before locating him, and finally return Salem and herself to their rightful universe.


  • The Matthews kept a picture of Salem in their NYC apartment.