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Season 2
Bmw season 2
Air Dates

Sept. 23, 1994 - May 19, 1995


23 (List of Season 2 episodes)

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Season 2 of Boy Meets World originally aired on ABC from September 23, 1994 to May 19, 1995.



Cory and Shawn join Eric at John Adams High for their first year. With Topanga there too, they explore their relationships and interests in lots of girls. Also, they must face new bullies, new teachers, and Mr. Feeny as the principal.

Cory and Shawn

Cory faces many hijinks. His friendship with Topanga grows and he grows confidence as he faces the constant torment of Harley Keiner and his lackies. Shawn is always by his side, and the two help each other out whenever they can.


Eric makes his way through school and dates next to his best friend, Jason Marsden. He must study for the SATs while trying to maintain his dignity and keep a girlfriend.


Shawn's mother takes off and his father leaves to find her, forcing Shawn to live with the Matthews family and then Jonathan Turner.

Episode Guide

  1. Back 2 School
  2. Pairing Off
  3. Notorious
  4. Me and Mr. Joad
  5. The Uninvited
  6. Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?
  7. Wake up, Little Cory
  8. Band on the Run
  9. Fear Strikes Out
  10. Sister Theresa
  11. The Beard
  12. Turnaround
  13. Cyrano
  14. I Am Not a Crook
  15. Breaking up is Really, Really Hard to Do
  16. Danger Boy
  17. On the Air
  18. By Hook or by Crook
  19. Wrong Side of the Tracks
  20. Pop Quiz
  21. The Thrilla' in Phila
  22. Career Day
  23. Home

Main Cast

Opening Sequence


Title screen.

The opening sequence is very quick, featuring a cartoon guy in sunglasses getting rolled over by a giant globe.

New Characters

Final Season

Notable Guest stars


  • This is the first season to bear TV-PG ratings in syndication.
  • Lee Norris leaves the main cast in this season.
  • Danielle Fishel and Anthony Tyler Quinn join the main cast in this season.
  • Last season where Lily Nicksay portrays Morgan Matthews.
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