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Security Guy
Season 4, Episode 20
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Matthew Nelson


April 4, 1997

Episode Chronology

Quiz Show


Cult Fiction


When Eric wastes $5,000 on renting out a bear trainer, Alan and Amy realize that they have coddled Eric and decide to fire him. Instead of taking the SATs, like his parents had hoped, Eric takes a job as the security guard. Eric slowly realizes that he is wrong, aided by his partner, Ronny Patel, who was an engineer in his former country and is going to college again. In the end, Eric takes the SATs, receiving a score 200 points better than his first time.

Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga convince Shawn to take Feeny's SAT prep course by telling him that it is very easy (with cake and talent shows involved) and making easy, fake SAT questions. After taking his course, they take the SATs and thank Feeny for preparing them so thoroughly.


Guest Cast[]