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Shawn and Angela is the romantic/friendship pairing of Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore.

Relationship History[]

In I Love You, Donna Karan, Shawn breaks up with Angela due to his "two week" rule. However after finding a purse and falling in love with the stuff inside, he learns that it belonged to Angela. They officially start to date in Chasing Angela, but he tries to break up in First Girlfriends Club due to the actions of Shawn's ex-girlfriends Dana Pruitt, Libby Harper, and Jennifer Bassett.

In If You Can't Be With the One You Love..., he began drinking after getting drunk with Cory. As a result, he pushed her accidentally whilst drunk. She admitted to liking him when he didn't drink.

In Starry Night, they shared a kiss as they argued about Cory and Topanga's relationship status due to Topanga going out on a date with Ricky Ferris.

In His Answer, Shawn mentions that he and Angela are in love. ("They’re not like us! They’re hopelessly in love!" before backtracking and adding, "And so are we… So are we.")

In Friendly Persuasion, after Freshman orientation when Shawn mentions wanting to meet new people, they decide to take a break. It wasn't Angela's idea but Shawn's idea since Angela still had feelings for him.

In Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield Shawn wrote a love poem for Angela. When she happened to overhear him admit that to Cory, she slapped him. She did so because she was upset that he had feelings for her and that they weren't together. Later, he claimed that it was written when he was still with Angela but it was written after the break-up.

In Santa's Little Helpers, they share a kiss under mistletoe. Cory then admits what he knew causing them to go off to discuss their feelings. Angela admits that she still loves him, but he is afraid of commitment. As a result, they decide that their relationship was truly over.

In Cutting the Cord, Shawn and Angela began dating other people, much to his sadness.

In The Truth About Honesty, Shawn is asked if he could spend one night with any woman, no strings attached, who would it be. Shawn said Angela, who took him up on the idea, and they headed upstairs to make out. As they did so, Shawn tried to talk about their relationship. He admits to being in love with her but she wouldn't take him back.

In Angela's Men, they get back together with help from her father.