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“Singled Out”
Singled out
Season 4, Episode 7
Air date

November 1, 1996

Written by

Steve Hibbert

Directed by

Jeff McCracken


After having been rejected from virtually every college, Eric begins to feel like a depressed "townie". While watching TV one day, he comes across a commercial for the game show Singled Out. Thinking that this may be a good way for him to meet someone, he forges his application and interview, and ultimately is selected to appear on the show. Unfortunately, the host of the show repeatedly tricks Eric into giving less-than-favorable answers to his questions. In the end, Eric's "dream date" reveals that she also lied, and they realize that they really are compatible.

Meanwhile, Cory's illness puts him in the hospital. He must undergo a tonsillectomy, which he constantly frets over. After Shawn shows his friend a tabloid article about a boy vanishing from another hospital, Cory is completely freaked out that the same fate will befall him.

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