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Sixteen Candles and 400-Pound Men
Season No. 4
Episode No. 9
Original Airdate November 15, 1996
Written by Matthew Nelson
Directed by Jeff McCracken
Guest starring Jake "the Snake" Roberts as himself, Brother Love as himself, Earl Hebner as himself, E.J. de la Pena as Herman Stecchino, Leon White as Francis Albert Stecchino Sr., Gerald Brisco as Ring Announcer


Struggling with Turner's poetry class, Cory and Frankie make an agreement: Frankie will help Cory with poetry if Cory and Shawn help Frankie get the love of his father. Cory's plan is for them to bond over his father's wrestling match, but Frankie knows nothing about wrestling, so Cory is going to go with Frankie to give tips to his father ringside at the match. At school, though, Cory promises to attend Topanga's sweet sixteen birthday party on the same night.

No worries, though, because Shawn has a detailed plan. According to the Flintstones, it is possible to be in two places at one if you never spend more than 75 seconds in that place. Although Cory is nervous that it'll never work, Shawn assures him that it will, and, at first, it does. Not until Vader begins to falter in his match does Cory spend too much time at the ring, leaving Topanga alone for the dance she was so excited about. Cory thinks he is in big trouble when he encounters Topanga, but a calm explanation works. To make it up to her, he and Topanga dance in a spotlight in the wrestling ring.

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