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Episodes Can I Help to Cheer You?
Name Stan
Role Rich and manipulative father.
Portrayed by Richard Portnow
They're all lovely with the lights off.

Stan (known in his jingle as Stan, the Plumber Man) is an incredibly rich plumber, of whom Cory is a fan of. To his dispair, his daughter chose to marry a poor teacher out of love. When Cory goes to her wedding to take notes for his own, Stan meets Cory, and, liking him, offers him $1,000,000 if he marries her instead. Cory very nearly accepts, but realizes love is more important than money.

Shawn, hearing from Cory about the deal, tries to charm Stan into making the same offer, but only recieves $20 in exchange for leaving him alone.


Stan, Stan, the Plumber Man
If he can't flush it, no one can.