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Teddy "Beanbag" Bagwell
Episodes The Last Temptation of Cory
Name Teddy Bagwell
Role A baseball player with the tendency to be hit with pitches
Portrayed by Andrew Magarian

Teddy "Beanbag" Bagwell is a baseball player that was 2 hit-by-pitches away from the all-time record. After getting hit once more, though, a stretcher was required and Bagwell announced to the crowd, "Today I consider myself the stupidest man on the face of the Earth. I quit baseball."

Eric had bought a signed photo of Bagwell for $200 shortly before his retirement, in hopes that the value would skyrocket when Bagwell surpassed the all-time hit-by-pitch record. When Bagwell announced his impromptu retirement, Eric was greatly disheartened.


  • The pitcher that hit Bagwell for the last time was named Darren Lee, and he was left-handed.
  • Before his final at-bat, Bagwell had to be led to the plate because he'd been hit in the head so many times his eyes were swollen shut.


  • Although Andrew Margarian voices Bagwell, the man in the photo Eric buys is probably a different person.