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Shawn: Stacy, Linda. Linda, Stacy. I've never been so depressed in my whole life.
Cory: I know. Two beautiful girls both want you, poor guy. There's gotta be a hot line you can call. Of course, with your luck, a girl would answer and she'd want you.
Shawn: If I reject Linda, she'll get upset, and there is no way I would ever want to see a pout on those beautiful full lips. Actually, it looks pretty good.
Cory: Where do you see that?
Shawn: But... but what if I reject Stacy and she flips out, gets a sex-change operation and comes back as a really angry man seeking her revenge? Hey, I've seen it happen.
Cory: Shawn, just choose.
Shawn: I can't.
Cory: Yes, you can. You did at lunch.
Shawn: When?
Cory: When you picked meat loaf instead of chicken. How did you do that?
Shawn: Well, I couldn't decide. Then I saw you were getting the chicken. So I figured if I changed my mind, I could have some of yours. [...] It's bulletproof. I start dating one of the girls while you go out with the other one. That way she's off the market until I'm ready to date her.
Cory: What, you want me to keep her fresh until you're ready for her? What am I, Tupperware?
Shawn: What else do you have to do? [...] So you're gonna do this for me?
Cory: Oh, obviously!

The Beard
Season 2, Episode 11
Production Information

David Trainer


Jeff Menell


December 9, 1994

Episode Chronology

Sister Theresa



"The Beard" is the eleventh episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 33rd episode overall. It first aired on December 9, 1994. The episode was written by Jeff Menell and was directed by David Trainer.


Amy is looking to buy a new car but is having some difficulty choosing. Cory and Eric suggest she should buy a flashy sports car, but she opts for a practical minivan instead.

In school, Shawn has a dilemma as two girls, Linda and Stacey both pass notes asking to go out with him. Finding it impossible to choose between them, he has a plan to date one of them, while Cory dates the other, keeping her off the market until he's ready for her, but can't choose who to pick. Eventually, Cory goes out with Linda and they strike it off. They go to Chubbie's and as the evening goes on they really get to like each other. This makes Cory feel very awkward, especially when Shawn and Stacey also arrive at Chubbie's.

Back at home, Alan surprises Amy by having bought the minivan that Amy had described she wanted. To his surprise, rather than jumping for joy, Amy is very cross that Alan rushed into the purchase. Cory asks Eric for advice. Eric makes Cory see that everything is great as it is, provided Shawn and Stacey don't break up.

The next day, Cory witnesses Shawn and Stacey breaking up. Unable to reconcile them there and then, he catches up with Stacey later at Chubbie's where he begs her to go out with Shawn again. Linda comes in and points out that this is exactly how Cory took her away from Shawn. Cory tries to explain himself but both girls now think he is a disloyal friend and a schemer. Shawn comes in and the girls show their sympathy for him as they leave. Cory and Shawn have an argument because Cory liking Linda was not part of the original plan. The girls come back and hear the argument, and realizing what had been going on, decide to dump them both.

Alan and Amy go back to the car lot to return the van, and the car salesman starts acting like a marriage counselor.


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  • This episode and Wake Up, Little Cory are the only episodes to receive a TV-PG-D rating in syndication on ABC Family.
  • Turner teaches the class about Hamlet, which Cory and Shawn briefly learned about in sixth grade.