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The Centre is the name of a cult which Shawn Hunter briefly joined in Cult Fiction

The Centre portrays itself as a home for lost souls who don't know where they belong in the world, but is in reality a cult led by Philip Mack, whose intention was to manipulate kids who felt lost and make them reliant and submissive to him. George Feeny had attempted to close the Centre down for good, but failed.

After Jonathan Turner was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Shawn realized he couldn't process and deal with the trauma without Mr. Mack, which was most likely Mack's plan -- to find kids who felt hollow and make them rely on him (Mack) for everything. Shawn, with Cory's help, is able to overcome the Centre's influence and leaves the cult.


Former Members[]


Shawn is seen at The Center with cult leader Mr. Mack