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The Witches of Pennbrook
Season 5, Episode 5
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Steve Hibbert


October 31, 1997

Episode Chronology

Fraternity Row


No Guts, No Cory


When Jack starts dating a weird girl, Millie, played by Candace Cameron, Eric is suspicious. What's even more suspicious, not only is Millie a witch, but she has a weird fascination with their apartment. Millie keeps making Jack blow off his plans with Eric, and it is making Eric upset. When Eric calls Jack on it, Jack only gets defensive.

Things get weirder when Eric walks onto the balcony and sees Millie chanting in tongues, then speaking to Satan. He tries to tell Jack, but Millie tells Jack that Eric tried to kiss her and Jack immediately sides with her. It is then that Jack drops a bombshell: Millie is moving in. The next day, as Millie is moving in, she tells Jack of her plans for a Halloween party.

Eric seeks Feeny's advice, and Feeny tells him that he should try to work it out. Eric thanks Feeny and is off. Over at his apartment, though, the Halloween party is in full stride. Dozens of Millie's friends are wandering around the apartment, making spooky sounds. Jack seems uncomfortable, but Shawn is having a blast. Suddenly, all of Millie's friends take the Hunter brothers and tie them to the banister. Mille then reveals her plot: it was written that Satan's tail would appear on their balcony, and a Hunter needed to be sacrificed. Just then, Eric shows up, and he's done his reading on witches (Witchcraft for Dumb-Dumbs). The light beam suddenly appears, striking Eric on the rear end but otherwise doing no damage. Eric makes Millie & her minions leave because they've been foiled, then unties Jack. The two apologize to each other then go out to a party, leaving Shawn alone tied to the banister.

Meanwhile, Cory surprises Topanga with plane tickets to Pittsburgh to visit her parents, but Topanga reveals her fear of flying. Cory says he'll help her through it, but becomes just as scared as her when the pilot, Dexter Jorgensen, reveals that Eric had tutored him and he thought Eric was really smart. Somehow, though, Topanga conquers her fear anyway and Dexter lets her fly the tiny plane herself..despite it being very Dangerous because she doesn’t have a license and because she tilts the front of the plane ver dangerously Up and down not realizing that she could accidentally crash the plane into a mountain and that she needs a pilots license to fly a plane.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

Special Guest Cast[]

  • Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina

Absent Cast[]


  • Topanga tells Cory that she's never been on an airplane; however, she flew to Walt Disney World at the end of season 3 in The Happiest Show on Earth.
  • Melissa Joan Hart appears in the end tag reprising her role from Sabrina the Teenage Witch; however, it is considered non-canon.

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