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Trina McGee-Davis
Name Trina McGee-Davis
Date of birth September 6, 1969
Place of birth The Bronx, NY
Character on Boy Meets World Angela Moore
Official Website none
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Trina McGee-Davis played the role of Shawn's on-again-off-again girlfriend and also was a good friend of Topanga.


  • Born on September 6, 1969 in the Bronx, New York City, New York.
  • Her mother was a classical pianist and her father was a Haitian photographer & a revolutionist.
    • Because of this, her father was absent from her life because he spent much time fleeing the Haitian authorities.
  • As a child, she leared to play the piano and showed interest in music, creative writing, acting, and political issues.
  • Attended the Manhattan Country School, a renouned school for being of high quality and available to children of all races.
  • Attended Howard University for 2 years with a political science major, but quit after realizing that it wasn't her goal.
    • Returned home to pursue music.
  • Attempted a music career after a song she wrote gained #1 status on a local Minneapolis radio station.
  • Was approached by a movie producer in New York City about acting, and she was soon co-starring in the original production of Chelsea Walls, acting along side Marissa Tomei and Gina Gershon.
  • Starred in 3 hip-hop musicals after that.
  • Was one of the final 4 actresses (out of hundrerds) when trying out for a role in a Quincy Jones production, although the production itself never came to be.
  • Married Courtland Davis.
  • Starred in numerous sitcoms and movies, including movies with Sylvester Stallone, director Rob Cohen, and Mike Nichols.
  • Had 3 children during this time, and was pregnant with her third while working on Boy Meets World
  • Following Boy Meets World, Trina became single again and worked to make money for her 3 children, taking parts in many commercials.
  • Starred in Friday After Next
  • Has written and produced several sitcoms currently in development.
  • Currently lives in the San Fernando Valley with her 3 kids.