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Truckstop Girls
Episodes Road Trip
Name Amy Sue, Sarah, Stacy, and Ali
Role Four girls that sing at a truck stop
Portrayed by Nobody's Angel

The Truckstop Girls are Amy Sue, Sarah, Stacy, and Ali. The work at a truckstop for Bill, who is a father to Amy Sue and Sarah and is like a father to Stacy and Ali. They're very friendly and cordial to Cory and Shawn, but would like to try singing professionally. Because Bill won't allow it, they ask Cory and Shawn to help them convince Bill. They also sing a song at the truck stop, which greatly impresses Cory.

Amy Sue (fourth from left, next to Cory) is the first to speak Cory and Shawn. Sarah (far left) was said to have made a great girlfriend for Shawn, according to Chet. Ali (third from left) knows that Shawn is looking for something, peering "into his soul," as Cory says. Stacy (far right) pours the boys coffee.