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Turkey Day
Season 4, Episode 10
Turkey day
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Susan Estelle Jansen


November 22, 1996

Episode Chronology

Sixteen Candles and 400-Pound Men


An Affair to Forget


After Cory and Shawn win a turkey and stuffing for donating the most food cans, they decide to split it by having their families celebrate Thanksgiving together. However, both Amy and Alan, and Chet and Virna Hunter are uncomfortable with the idea of mingling with another class.

The visit to the trailer park starts out on the wrong foot when Alan assumes the trailer marked "THE UNTERS" belonged to the Hunters, and that the H had fallen off. However, it does belong to the Unter family, after all, and Mr. Unter becomes annoyed at Chet's decision to invite them. He points out the Hunters' trailer, and then goes off to complain to the other trailer owners.

Alan and Chet almost immediately get into an argument about whose wine is to serve at dinner, and Virna tries to calm them down. Meanwhile Cory returns from the car to see the dinner falling apart, and he and Shawn are in disarray as to how to fix it.

Mr. Unter calls Chet to an emergency meeting of the trailer park, who complain about him inviting the Matthews to the trailer park. They tell him to get them to leave.

Cory, Shawn, Morgan and Eric leave to go have dinner with Frankie and his little brother. While their parents still can't get past their differences, both Amy and Alan and Chet and Virna decide it would be better if they left.

They stumble across the dinner just as the children are saying thanks for what they have. Cory gives thanks to his parents for raising him to like people for who they are, even if they weren't raised with that notion themselves. Both the Hunters & the Matthews realize that they shouldn't let their social class get in the way, and they all sit down to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

After the long holiday, Shawn and Cory are back in class getting their essays returned to them by Mr. Feeny. Feeny calls Shawn up to the class and tells him to read one of his paragraphs out loud, in which Shawn wrote that he thought discrimination wouldn't exist in a developed country like America, but that he witnessed it and realized that if children were brought up to not discriminate, then the future would be better, which earns him an A+ for the first time.


Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Ned Bellamy as Luther
  • E.J. De La Pena as Herman
  • Kay E. Kuter as Herbert
  • Christian Meoli as Carl


  • Mr. Feeny mentions the conflict in Rwanda.