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Uncle Daddy
Season 4, Episode 18
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Steve Young


February 28, 1997

Episode Chronology

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2


Quiz Show


When Eric discovers that his new girlfriend, Kelly, has a son, Ryan, he decides to take care off the son instead of running off. In fact, he and Ryan get along very well. Eric seems very ready to settle down and accept the situation as his adult life until one day, while babysitting Ryan, he is distracted by playing pool with Cory, Shawn, and Topanga and Ryan disappears. He finds Ryan sitting on the street curb outside and yells at him. Later, Kelly tells Eric that he isn't ready to be a dad and it wouldn't be fair for him to continue the relationship. Even though he's not looking for a way out, Eric leaves.

Meanwhile, Cory gets in a fight with his father because he didn't fill the car with gas. He keeps ignoring Alan's punishment and the fight continues to escalate, until Eric, fresh from his lesson of parenting from Kelly and Ryan, scolds Cory himself and sends him to his room.


Guest Cast[]

  • Brittney Powell as Kelly
  • Justin Cooper as Ryan