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Uncle Mike
Episodes By Hook or by Crook, The Pink Flamingo Kid
Name Mike Hunter
Role Shawn's uncle
Portrayed by Herschel Sparber
You'll love him. Of all my uncles, he's easily the warmest and friendliest.
—Shawn Hunter

Uncle Mike is Shawn's uncle, and Chet's brother. He is a very tall and imposing man who owns a motorcycle repair shop. Shawn got him to repair Mr. Turner's bike at a fair price despite his efforts to raise it. When Shawn was making a video birthday card for Chet, Mike was the first Hunter who Shawn told.


  • In Season 2, Episode 10, "Sister Theresa", the same actor; Herschel Sparber, plays T.K.'s delivery guy, Tony.
  • Since Jack is Chet's son, that would make Mike and the rest of the Hunter clan Jack's relatives as well.