• I live in On George Bush's face
  • My occupation is Saying 9/11 was NOT a inside job because i know for A FACT THAT IT was not a inside job.
  • I am Not a crook

Hello my name is Patrick Cunningham. I joined the Big Nate wiki & the Family Matters Wiki & wanted to join this wiki because I love this show.

About Me

I am here mostly

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  • This user thinks the Stock Market Crash is going to happen in 2015.
  • This User loves Veggies
  • This User hates soda pop
  • This User likes George Washington
  • This User is ranked #1 on the Big Nate Wiki
  • This User is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This User likes Martin Luther King Jr.
  • This User is not Rich.
  • This User Is a bus lover
  • This User thinks printing money is not going to help American
  • This user does not like George W. Bush
  • This user follows Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
  • This user thinks 9/11 was Islamic Terrorism.
  • This user has 7 socks
  • This user is not a new
  • This user is not a christian 
  • This user sees another Stock market crash occurring in 2022
  • This user sees that Donald Trump cannot be president
  • This user does not like John Kerry
  • This user is not a jew
  • This user is not a Homosexual


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