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Virna Hunter
Virna Hunter
Biological Information
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Background Information

Lucy (aunt)
Eddie (son)
Shawn Hunter (step-son)
Jack Hunter (step-son)


Chet Hunter (husband)
Eddie's father

First EP

Fishing for Virna

Last EP

Turkey Day


left Chet and town


Shareen Mitchell

Virna Hunter (née Cordini) is the last known wife of Chet Hunter. She also raised Shawn Hunter after his real mother ran away, but it was not revealed that Shawn was not her real son until Season 7. Despite her importance in the show, she only physically appears in three episodes of Season 4.

Series Info[]

Virna was unhappy living with Chet, because she felt that they were bad parents. This led her to run away several times. Chet usually managed to bring her back, but in Career Day she ran off with their trailer. Chet chased her around the country throughout Season 3, finding the trailer but not Virna. At the end of the season, Chet gave up his search.

Virna later returned in Fishing for Virna, after being gone for a year, and stayed at the motel on the other side of the highway from Chet's trailer, in such a way that she could see into Chet's trailer from her room's window, and vice-versa. Cory was sent as an ambassador to ask Virna to return, but she refused to come back until she saw signs that Chet had changed and wanted to build them into a better family. Cory eventually convinces her to return by telling her that they would appreciate her this time, as they now knew what life was like without her. So Virna returned home.

In Janitor Dad, she pressured Chet to get a job and pay the bills so that they could become a "normal" family. She was proud of Chet when he got a job as a janitor and helped Shawn to be proud of him as well. Virna was last seen in Turkey Day, when she and Chet reluctantly hosted Thanksgiving in their trailer. Despite initial friction between the Hunters and the Matthews family, they eventually made peace between each other and sat down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Afterwards, Virna was only vaguely mentioned. She had left Chet again, for good this time. She is last mentioned in the Season 7 episode Family Trees, when she learned of Chet's death. She decided to let Shawn know the truth and sent him a letter telling him that she was not his biological mother.


  • According to the Season 1 episode Teacher's Bet, her maiden name is Cordini.
  • Eddie and Stacy are from Virna's side of the family.
  • Virna is mentioned in an episode of GMW.