Boy Meets Wiki
Episode No Guts, No Cory
Name Eric
Personality of Eric
Description Eric during WWII, but is refused from the army

WWII Eric is just as stupid as regular Eric. He is refused from the army for being mentally incompetent, but pretends it is because he is so ticklish that he is a torture risk. Later, he pretends that he did get in, but was stationed in Philadelphia to protect the Liberty Bell. He says that they got a crack in it when he wasn't looking, but he spackled it up to fix it.

WWII Eric gives Jack a picture of himself to put in the foxhole. He meant it in the least gay way possible, apparently ignorant of how it could be interpreted that way.

He travels to Europe to find Cory, showing people a picture of Cory in his Halloween costume: a sheet over the head ghost; despite this he manages to find him by accident. But when he cannot rid him of his amnesia, he decides to marry Cory to Versailles. Luckily, Topanga enters and breaks up the wedding, jogging Cory's memory, before Eric can do anything else stupid.