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WWII Topanga
Episode No Guts, No Cory
Name Topanga
Personality of Topanga
Description Cory's fiancee during WWII

WWII Topanga is the girlfriend of WWII Cory. She is unhappy that Cory decides to fight the war overseas, but is supportive of his decision. She agrees to marry him just as he leaves. Once he's gone, she waits impatiently for his return. She's devastated at the news that Cory is lost, and is offended when Shawn proposes to her. Once he mentions that it was Cory's dying wish, she's not offended any more.

She intends to marry Shawn, but can't go through with it because he isn't Cory. She feels that Cory is still alive somewhere, and journeys to Europe with Eric to find him. Once she does, a quick kiss jogs his memory and rids him of his amnesia.