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Cory: What’s going on?
Shawn: You are a god.
Cory: What are you talking about?
Shawn: Like you don’t know. Like you didn’t spend the night with Topanga.
Cory: All we did was edit!
Shawn: Hey, you call it what you want, but you are the MAN!
Cory: I’m not the man.
Harley: There’s the man! There he is. Barely three feet high. I mean, not much to look at, but inside there lurks a little Harley Keiner.
Joey: So, uh... So, Matthews. Come on, tell the truth now. Did you sleep with her? Did you sleep with Topanga?
Cory: Well, that’s a very private, personal, intimate, quest–
Harley: Hey! Are you the man? Or are you just you?
Cory: I guess... I'm the man!

Wake Up, Little Cory
Season 2, Episode 7
Production Information

David Trainer


Glen Merzer


November 4, 1994

Episode Chronology

Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?


Band on the Run

"Wake Up, Little Cory" is the seventh episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 29th episode overall. It first aired on November 4, 1994. The episode was written by Glen Merzer and was directed by David Trainer.


Having a hard time enthralling his students with the message of Much Ado About Nothing, Mr. Turner decides to spice things up by changing it into a project about the modern day views of sex and love. He splits the students up into boy/girl pairs, gives them video cameras, and tells them to interview their friends about their opinions on sex and love, and then edit it into a documentary. Among these teams are Cory and Topanga.

From the beginning, Cory doesn't take it as seriously as Topanga. While she dutifully lays out the specifics of their project, Cory decides to play around with the camera imitating NYPD Blue. Finally, they get to interviewing their friends and family, and stay up late in the school to edit their movie, calling each of their parents to say they would be staying at the others house for a while.

However, they fall asleep together and are found in the morning by Janitor Bud. Feeny, thinking they did more than technically sleep together, takes them into his office to lecture them. Although he accepts their denial, word has already gotten out. They emerge from the office to find a group of guys, including Shawn and Harley. While understanding his new godhood is based on a misunderstanding, Cory neglects to clear things up. Topanga becomes angry at him, and declares that he is no longer her friend.

When Alan overhears Shawn calling Cory a god, he gets the story out of Cory. He helps Cory realize that friendship matters more to him than popularity, and Cory inserts an apology on the end of the documentary that explains it was a misunderstanding. After it plays in class, Cory hopefully asks if they are friends once more, and Topanga affirms it.


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  • This and The Beard are the only episodes to bear a TV-PG-D rating in syndication on ABC Family.
  • The title and Cory and Topanga's predicament are most likely a parody of the song "Wake up, Little Susie", by The Everly Brothers.