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Season 4, Episode 14
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Jeffrey C. Sherman


January 17, 1997

Episode Chronology

B & B's B n' B


Chick Like Me


Eric brings out Cory's birthday cake.


Cory is so excited to get his drivers license that he plans an entire road trip on his birthday with Shawn and Topanga. His father, on the other hand, decides to take him to the DMV and then take him for steak later, but is disappointed when he finds out Cory got it first thing in the morning with Shawn and Topanga. Cory decides to go on a drive to Atlantic City with them, with Alan telling Cory that he needs to run errands and that Cory can go when he comes back. Alan comes back after dark and the two fight when Alan tells Cory that he is getting a birthday dinner at Chubbie's so he can't drive now. At Chubbie's, the two continue to argue and in the heat of the argument, Alan hands Cory the keys and tells him to leave if he wants to go so badly. Cory takes the keys and leaves with Shawn and Topanga.

On the highway, Cory is moving so slowly that everyone is passing him. When he finally gets up the nerve to drive faster, he is pulled over for going one mile per hour over the speed limit. The judge that tries him, Judge Lamb, is no easy judge, either, saying, "the law's the law, boy." He tells Cory that he either has to pay the fine of $200 or call his dad, both of which Cory is against because it was just one mile over.

Cory, however, calls Mr. Feeny for help, who in turn tells Alan that Cory is put on trial. When Alan finally shows up, he and Cory continue bickering. Cory is upset at Alan for treating him like a little kid, and Alan is upset because he feels as though he did nothing wrong. Judge Lamb then stops their arguing to place his sentence: 2 years. Cory must remain "the kid" for two years until he turns 18. As for Alan, he must cherish those years. The two reconcile, go home, and watch old home videos and talk about the next time they will "fight."


  • Alan said he took Eric to the DMV on his 16th birthday because it's a Matthews men tradition but in the season one episode It's a Wonderful Night Eric went with his friend, Jason, to the DMV where he failed his road test. Although it is possible Alan went with Eric the second time, he clearly states he went with Eric on his birthday & also showed no signs of anger when Eric went with Jason.
  • The home movies that Alan watches are actual home movies of Ben Savage as a young boy; the clips shown are from Ben's birthday (where he gets some WWF wrestling action figures), Christmas (where a very young Ben drives an electric Power Wheels type toy car) and a soccer game where Ben looks at the camera as someone shouts his name, all with the voices of William Russ and Betsy Randle dubbed over the actual dialog of presumably Ben's and Fred's parents.


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