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“Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?”
Cory werewolf
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date

October 28, 1994

Written by

Mark Blutman & Howard Busgang

Directed by

David Trainer

"Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?" is the sixth episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 28th episode overall. It first aired on October 28, 1994. The episode was written by Mark Blutman & Howard Busgang and was directed by David Trainer.


Strange new urges fill Cory Matthews, as he recounts to his journal on Halloween night. The entire episode is told as a flashback, as Cory recounts how he was attacked by an unseen predator when he took out the garbage. He thinks that is it was a wolf that had escaped from the zoo. The next day, Cory got his fortune told by Madame Ouspenskaya, a fortune teller at the yogurt parlor.

All of her predictions came true. Cory's strange new appetite had him eating paper (to hide his note from Mr. Turner). He sprouted body air ("little whispy ones" as Eric described them). All that remained was for him to kill the one truly cared for him: Topanga. To take counter measures, he requested that his mom purchase silver bullets and a gun to kill the werewolf within. She did not, and Cory frantically searched that house for a substitute. Unable to any, Cory holed himself up in his room to protect Topanga. When she came up anyway, Cory did not kill her; he kissed her.

Later, Cory found out that the supposed escaped wolf had actually merely escaped into another part of the zoo, and whatever lunged at him was something else. Hearing the bushes rustle, he prepared to fight a real werewolf. Instead, however, a rabbit revealed itself. Cory laughed at himself for getting upset over a simple rabbit, but it soon started growling; Cory ran inside.


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Recurring Cast

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  • This was Cory & Topanga's first kiss since Cory's Alternative Friends.
  • This episode parodies the werewolf movie The Wolf Man.
  • Topanga tells Cory that she's known since she was three years old; however, future episodes state that they've known each other since they were babies, and begun to "date" since they were two. However in comparison to all the major retcons Boy Meets World has had, this is relatively minor.