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You're Married, You're Dead
Season 6, Episode 8
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Gary H. Miller


November 13, 1998

Episode Chronology

Everybody Loves Stuart


Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield


Cory grows jealous when Shawn makes plans with Gambling Dan and his henchman, Louie. He demands to be taken with him, even though he has the reputation of being completely whipped. They're going to Cleaváge (roughly the equivalent of Hooters), and Cory is nervous but goes anyway. When there, he acts very nervous and corny. Shawn begs him to act normal, telling him his engagement ring is strangling him. Reluctantly, Cory slides off the ring. But that catches a waitress's notice, and she mistakenly believes it is a bachelor party. All the hot waitresses swarm around Cory and dance, and Cory gradually begins to enjoy himself.

Back at Pennbrook though, Cory and Shawn immediately lie when Angela and Topanga ask them where they were. Cory comes clean, admitting to going to Cleaváge. Topanga is upset at first, but understands his urge to be just one of the guys, and tells him he can do as he pleases. As she later tells Angela, she feels confident that Cory won't go back. Joan, a student at Pennbrook and waitress at Cleaváge tells them it isn't so bad, and invites Topanga down to see.

Cory, in the meantime, has become popular with Gambling Dan. He invites Cory to his poker game, saying he's become cooler since ditching the ring. Cory freaks out, realizing that he forgot his wedding ring at Cleaváge the other night when he took it off. Cory goes straight back to Cleaváge and fetches the ring (but not before being caught in their world-famous tushy dance). Topanga, visiting with Joan, sees Cory not wearing his ring, takes it from him, and storms off. Cory follows. At the student union, he finds her at the fireplace. They discuss how they feel, with Topanga explaining that the ring represents their love and friendship. She says he can either wear it or not, but not just take it off whenever. Cory decides to wear it. Gambling Dan invites him to poker, but Cory declines. He and Topanga tell Shawn that he is welcome to hang out with them whenever. Shawn says he knows, takes a look at Angela (who is playing pool), then goes off with Gambling Dan.

Meanwhile, Eric and Jack feel very uncomfortable going to Cleaváge because Rachel follows them to study her thesis on women and their effects on male bonding. Even though Jack & Eric insist that there's none, they act very stiff and stodgy while at the restaurant. Rachel knows that they're not acting right, and lets them enjoy the tushy dance.


Guest Cast[]

  • Shaun Weiss as Louie
  • Phil Buckman as Gambling Dan
  • Clare Salstrom as Joan
  • Adria Tennor as Teri
  • Dana Dewes as Eric's Waitress
  • Tami-Adrian George as Waitress